Waste Management Consultants NORM

Waste Management Consultants NORM


     i      Radiological Survey

  1. Details of monitoring equipment and procedures for protecting workers
  2. Calibration certificates
  3. Radiation Monitoring Programme
  4. An evaluation of the radiation levels and concentrations of contamination expected during normal  operations

   ii     Decontamination and Decommissioning Services

  1. Procedure for decontamination
  2. Proposed Quality Assurance Programme
  3. Details of available equipment
  4. Decommissioning plans indicating adequate radiation protection measures and other relevant safety measures

 iii      Waste Characterization

  1. Detailed method of radioactive waste characterization and
  2. available equipment

 iv      Radiation Waste Minimization/Reduction

  1. Detailed safety measures in radiation waste minimization/reduction
  2. Operational procedures
  3. Details of available equipment

   v      Waste Management in Interim Storage Area

  1. Layout of Interim storage area
  2. Detailed information about waste management strategy and programmes
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Contingency plans in the event of an emergency

 vi      Radiological Waste Shipper Services

  1. Detailed Waste Disposal Method
  2. Transportation and handling procedures including mode of transportation
  3. Emergency and contingency plans

 vii      Airborne Radioactive Sampling (Air Monitoring and Sampling

  1. information of the instruments to be used for measuring airborne contamination
  2. Monitoring procedures and equipments

 viii      Radiation Training

  1. information about designated personnel
  2. Letter of Appointment of designated Radiation Waste Coordinator (RWC)
  3. CVs, academic and professional certification of RWC and other qualified personnel
  4. Letter designating Mr. Ali Sogue as RSA
  5. Detailed Training programme.

 You are also to submit;

  1. Safety Assessment report on all the practices you intend to embark upon
  2. Organizational Structure
  3. Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  4. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation.