Our Mandate

Our Mandate

1. To Set Requirements and Ensure Compliance, the NNRA:

  • Sets and documents clear requirements, using a process that includes consultation;
  • Cooperates with other organizations and jurisdictions to foster the development of consistent regulatory requirements;
  • Indicates acceptable ways to meet regulatory requirements; 
  • Promotes compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • Verifies that processes and programs satisfy regulatory requirements;
  • Enforces requirements using a gradual but consistent approach; and
  • Uses appropriate industry, national or international standards.

2. To Base Regulatory Action on Levels of Risk, the NNRA

  • Regulates persons, organizations and practices that are subject to the Act in a manner that is consistent with the risk posed by the regulated practice;
  • Recognizes that risk must be considered in the context of the NNRA’s mandate under the Act

3. To Make Independent, Objective and Informed Decisions, the NNRA

  • Performs objective assessments of information submitted by licensees, interveners and others;
  • Recognizes the role of professional judgment;
  • Maintains a consistent regulatory process;
  • Learns from experience and the experiences of others, and strives for continuous improvement

4. To Serve the Public Interest, the NNRA

  • Carries out its mandate in the interest of Nigerians;
  • Communicates openly and transparently with stakeholders in an objective fashion while respecting Nigeria’s access to information and privacy laws;
  • Provides stakeholders with the opportunity to be heard in accordance with the prescribed rules of procedure;
  • Consults with stakeholders when establishing priorities, developing policies, and planning programs and services;
  • Interacts with foreign nuclear regulators and appropriate national and international organizations, and cooperates with other jurisdictions; and
  • Operates in an effective and efficient manner.