Transport Services Marine

Transport Services Marine


1. The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA), established by Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act 19 of 1995 (the Act) is charged with the sole responsibility for nuclear safety and radiological protection regulation in Nigeria (Article 4 of the Act.) In this regard, the NNRA is empowered to amongst others, categorize and Licence practices involving handling, transportation and storage of radioactive sources

2. Authorization

To commence authorization process; an applicant shall submit a completed Authorization Application Form to the NNRA for assessment.

3. Other Requirements

  1. Provision of certified copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation from CAC and Particulars of First Directors (Form C02 & C05)
  2. Payment of applicable authorization fees:
  3. Engagement of the services of accredited  Dosimetry Service Providers for the monitoring of personnel to be involved in the transport of radioactive material
  4. Provide Model, Name and Serial Number of the Vessel to be used for the transportation
  5. Designation of an officer as your Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) who shall develop skills in basic radiation safety and understand the regulatory requirements for practices involving radioactive materials and ionizing radiation
  6. Evidence that designated personnel undergo relevant training to develop skills in the safety and security of radioactive sources. Academic and professional qualifications should also be forwarded to the NNRA
  7. Provision of evidence of basic radiation safety training programme of classified workers
  8. Evidence of procurement of Survey Meters for area and work place monitoring
  9. Submission of  well developed and implementation of adequate programmes for radiation protection, safety and security in the transportation of radioactive sources
  10. Provision of all necessary certifications with Nigeria Port Authority and NIMASA
  11. Evidence that dedicated Vessel for the transportation of radioactive sources should meet the following requirements:
    1. Provisions shall be made to secure packages or over packs so that their positions within the vessel remain fixed during transportation
    2. Must be equipped with an enclosure which, during conditions of transport, prevents the access of unauthorized persons to  the interior of the enclosure
    3. Radiation levels shall not exceed 2mSv/hr at any point on the Vessel and 0.1mSv/hr at 1m from the surface of the containers

4. All Applicants are required to engage the services of an NNRA accredited Radiation Safety Adviser (RSA) to assist in attaining the above objectives.

5. Applicants should consult the Nigerian Transportation of Radioactive Sources Regulations, 2006 for more information regarding the safe transport of radioactive material in Nigeria.