Mission Statement and Vision

Mission Statement and Vision

Mission Statement

To regulate radiological protection and nuclear safety so as to ensure the protection of life, health, property and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, safety and security of radioactive sources and nuclear materials and, to enable Nigeria meet its international obligations on the peaceful uses of nuclear technology.


Emplacement of the best regulatory control regime for all activities involving ionizing radiation and nuclear energy. The NNRA:

  • Sets and documents clear requirements, using a process that includes consultation;
  • Cooperates with other organizations and jurisdictions to foster the development of consistent regulatory requirements;
  • Indicates acceptable ways to meet regulatory requirements;
  • Promotes compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • Verifies that processes and programs satisfy regulatory requirements;
  • Enforces requirements using a gradual but consistent approach; and
  • Uses appropriate industry, national or international standards.

Our Guiding Values
The NNRA remains committed to being a competent and credible public authority in the areas of nuclear and radiological safety and security, and will continuously strive to be recognized internationally with its FIVE CORE VALUES of:

  • Integrity: To demonstrate honesty and behave ethically at all times;
  • Commitment: To achieve highest standard of reliability, responsibility and accountability;
  • Professionalism: To demonstrate competence, excellence and independence in every aspect of its organizational activities;
  • Transparency: To be open and approachable;
  • Sustainability: To meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations through an effective control of exposure to ionizing radiation.