Sale and Distribution of Ionizing Radiation Generating Equipment

Sale and Distribution of Ionizing Radiation Generating Equipment


 a) Administrative Requirements

  1. Nature of Business in Nigeria, Permanent Address and Organizational Structure
  2. Completion and submission of the attached Authorization Application Form.
  3. Provision of a certified copies of Memorandum and Article of Association, Certificate of Incorporation from CAC and Particulars of your First Directors (Form C02 & C05)
  4. Payment of applicable authorization fees in accordance with Section 47 (1c) of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act 19 of 1995. For your practice, the required authorization fee per annum.
  5. Designation of an officer who shall develop skills in basic radiation safety and understand the regulatory requirements for practices involving radioactive materials and ionizing radiation (Radiation Safety Officer – RSO)

 b) Personnel/Training

  1. Evidence of having staff that are trained in radiation protection in the handling of equipment emitting ionizing radiation sources by an NNRA accredited RSA
  2. Evidence of designation of a Radiation Safety officer (RSO) RSO indicating his job description and authority to stop unsafe practice.
  3. Copies of CVs, academic and professional qualifications of staff and letters of their appointments.

 c) Equipment

  1. Maintenance and repair programme
  2. Name of equipment, Model No., serial no., year of manufacture, country of manufacture, name of manufacturer
  3. Instruments test and calibration certificates.
  4. Details of overall safety systems including design features, Defense in depth and prevention of unauthorized access to equipment when activated

 d) Storage Facility

  1. Evidence of having storage facility and submission of detailed diagram of the layout of the storage facility and security arrangement at the storage site
  2. Shielding assessment of the facility and demarcation of the control and supervised areas.

 e) Transportation

  1.  Procedures for transportation of equipment locally
  2.  Transportation and Security arrangement for equipment movement from the port to base (source pit)
  3. Letter from Police Anti-Bomb Squad to escort the sources consignment from port to base

 f) Radiation Protection Programme

  1. Adequate programs for radiation protection, safety and security for the equipment
  2. Emergency contact numbers and that of NNRA contact numbers should be included in your emergency programme
  3. Establishment of local rules in written form which should describe how the use of equipment in compliance with the requirements of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act and other extant Regulations during Site and Installation.

Furthermore, upon receipt of your completed application form, applicable fees and documents reflecting the requirements listed above, a date shall be fixed for inspection of your facility. The authorizations shall be issued upon a satisfactory report of the inspection exercise.