NNRA Payment Details

NNRA Payment Details

Key Note.

Please note that payment can only be made via the Remita Platform (www.remita.net) as directed by the Office of the Accountant General for the Federation (OAGF) following the below highlighted procedures.

  1. Go to remita platform on the net (www.remita.net)
  3. Select Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Authority on Name of MDA
  4. Select any of the below Payment Purpose on "Names of Services/Purpose" to the respective account
  5. On Payer’s Name fill in the Name of the Operator paying or any individual paying in case of personal payment or refunds
  6. Fill in the Payers email, Phone No. and Click on Process Payment
  7. Adhering to the above, the payment will be credited into NNRA or NIRPR Account as the case may be having selected the correct Names of Services/Purpose (Revenue Payment Items).

NNRA Revenue Account (0020120461029)

Names of Services/Purpose (Revenue Payment Items):

  1. Auctions
  2. Consultancy Services
  3. Contract Registration Fees
  4. Fines
  5. Licence Fees
  6. Refunds
  7. Sales of Government Asset
  8. Tender Fees

National Institute of Radiation Protection and Research (NIRPR) (0070538061016)

Names of Services/Purpose (Revenue Payment Items):

        I.   Calibration

       II.    Other Tests

      III.     Research Fees

       IV.     Test Analysis

        V.     Training.

NNRA Project Account (0020120461018)

Names of Services/Purpose (Revenue Payment Items):

         i.     Capital Grants

        ii.      Domestic Aid

       iii.      Foreign Aid

       iv.      Foreign Grants

        v.      Project Funds