Nuclear Safety and Security

Nuclear Safety and Security

Nuclear Safety and Security is headed by Mr. Olatunji Okoya. It is one of the departments in the NNRA as provided for in Section 9 (1) of the Nuclear Safety Regulatory Authority Act 1995. The department comprises the following Divisions;

  • Reactor Safety (Research Reactor Safety and Power Reactor Safety),
  • Nuclear Security,
  • Nuclear Safeguards.

Reactor Safety Division: There are two Units under this division; Research and Power reactors. The division is responsible for regulatory oversight like the review and assessment of applications submitted, initiate and draft research reactor safety regulations of nuclear power plants, critical assemblies and support for research reactors like the NIRR-1. Also on their list of actions is the inspection of Research Reactor Facilities, develop regulations and guidelines on the safety of Research Reactor Facilities for use by both the Operator(s) and the Authority. Review and assess submissions and documents by Research Reactor Operators including reports, applications for research reactor operations and operator licensing. 

Nuclear Security Division: There are two sections under this division; they are Nuclear Security and Safeguards. Saddled with the responsibility to ensure that Nigeria meets her national and international obligations on nuclear security, the division ensures effective nuclear security regime in the country. They perform all necessary functions for the protection of nuclear and other radioactive materials against unauthorized removal and sabotage. Also, that these materials are located and recovered if missing and that facilities put adequate security measures to mitigate or minimize effects of unauthorized removal and sabotage. They implement the NNRA mandate on issues relating to nuclear security, physical protection of nuclear and other radioactive materials, and their associated facilities. Under their purview is the development and review of regulations and guidance documents on nuclear security, advice the management on nuclear security matters, handle oversight functions for all high risk facilities and activities, search and secure orphan and legacy sources, conduct threat assessments for use in design basis threat, review vulnerability and risk assessment, safeguard Materials from going Out of Regulatory Control (MORC) through the NSDA, organizing trainings, meetings and workshops on nuclear security.

Nuclear Safeguard Section: This section is charged with the responsibility of performing all necessary functions that enables Nigeria meet its International and national safeguards obligations in the application of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation. Part of their responsibilities includes; establishment and maintenance of the state system of accounting for the control of nuclear material in line with Nigeria’s safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). They also implement any additional protocols to safeguards agreements and preparation of relevant reports in a timely manner for submission to the IAEA. The nuclear safeguard section is also responsible domestic inspections in respect of INFCIRC358 and INFCIRC358/Add.