Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology

Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology


These requirements should be applied in additions to the:

  1. Nigerian Basic Ionizing Radiation Regulations 2003
  2. Nigerian Radiation Safety in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Regulations 2006,
  3. Nigerian Radiation Safety in Radiotherapy Regulations 2006
  4. Nigerian Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine Regulations 2006 

Note that these minimum requirements are not exhaustive and do not in any way preclude other decisions by the NNRA.

 Administrative Requirements

  • Nature of practice in Nigeria
  • Provision of a certified copies of Memorandum and Article of Association and Certificate of Incorporation from CAC and Particulars of your First Directors (Form C02 & C05)
  • Certificate of Registration with Federal Ministry of Health and other relevant Medical registration bodies
  • Name of the Legal Persons of the company including the Chief Executive Officer
  • Payment of applicable authorization fees in accordance with section 47(c) of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act 19 of 1995:
  • Tax clearance Certificate from the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS)
  • Enlisting the services of an NNRA accredited Radiation Safety Adviser (RSA) to assist you in attaining NNRA requirements
  • Designation of an officer as Radiation Safety officer (RSO) who shall develop skills in basic radiation safety and understand the regulatory requirements for practices involving radioactive materials and ionizing radiation


  • Evidence of having adequate staff that are trained in the area of handling of ionizing radiation generating equipment for medical applications including installation and conducting acceptance tests;
  • Evidence of having adequate and qualified staff with relevant experience in the area of diagnostic radiology for medical applications
  • Provision of training and retraining programs
  • Provision of copies of CVs, academic and professional qualification of radiation workers


  • Evidence of having standard x-ray machines and accessories
  • Evidence of having adequate and function radiation survey meters with valid calibration certificates
  • Evidence of having equipment and all instruments necessary for the installation and conduction of acceptance tests
  • Evidence of having operation manual with details of overall safety systems including design features, Defense in depth and prevention of unauthorized access to equipment when activated
  • Evidence of Quality control Test conducted on all ionizing radiation generating equipment


  • Name, Addresses and locations of all x-ray facilities in Nigeria
  • Evidence that facility is purpose built
  • Submission of copy of facility layout
  • Provision of a detailed diagram of the layout of the storage facility and security arrangement
  • Submission of shielding assessment of the facility and demarcation of the control and supervised areas.

Radiation Protection Programme

  • Adequate programs for radiation protection, safety and security equipment
  • Evidence of engagement an NNRA accredited Dosimetry Service Provider (DSP) who shall be responsible for monitoring staff that will be involved in operations of the x-ray machines
  • Emergency contact numbers including that of NNRA contact numbers to be included emergency programme
  • Description of policies for assigning monitoring badges to workers, review of individual doses including reference levels and actions to be taken when values are exceeded
  • Establishment of local rules in written form which should describe how the x-ray machines will be used in compliance with the requirements of extent regulations.