Dosimetry Services

Dosimetry Services


You are to complete the attached Quality Assessment for Dosimetry Service form No. NNRA/AUT/020 and return to this office.

2. To facilitate your application, you are to provide the NNRA with the following information:

  1. Name, Addresses and locations of company in Nigeria
  2. Name of Legal Persons of Company including the Chief Executive Officer
  3. List of Staff and their qualifications and relevant trainings
  4. Evidence of registration of company with Nigerian Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  5. Memorandum and Articles of Association of company
  6. Tax Clearance Certificate from Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Services
  7. Nature of Practice in Nigeria
  8. List and Geographical Map of all Project sites in Nigeria
  9. Scope of project work in Nigeria
  10. Type of Dosimetry Services to be provided (i.e External Dosimetry, Internal Dosimetry, Personnel Monitoring or Environmental Monitoring);
  11. Type of radiation, energy range and quantities to be measured;
  12. Facilities and equipment available to support the documentary service intended
  13. Available competent staff, their CV, academic qualifications, and professional experience;
  14. Organizational Structure;
  15. Operational procedures including methodologies for dose assessment;
  16. External audit programme including the SSDL to which measurements will be traceable. Attach proof of formal arrangement with SSDL
  17. Quality Assurance Programme including
  • Quality control and performance verification
  • Work and Document control
  • System for record keeping and reporting

   xviii. Detailed contingency plan in the event of radiation emergency

 3. Note that the NNRA will not allow badges to be supplied and read outside Nigeria. You are to acquire your own Dosimetry badge reader and operate same in a laboratory in Nigeria.

 4. Under Article 47(1c) of the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act, the NNRA is empowered to charge fees for authorization and any other services rendered. The fee in respect of your practice will be communicated to you upon submission of the above required information