A one day Stakeholder meeting on the role of the NNRA in improving economic development and national security was organized by the NNRA in Abuja  on 10th July, 2018.

The meeting which was the second of its kind was attended by 70 officials drawn  from the public and private sectors including the National Assembly, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Ministry of Petroleum Resources, office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), other relevant Federal Ministries, Oil and Gas industry, NNRA Governing Board, Government agencies, Security and Intelligence Agencies, PENGASSAN, NUPENG, Media, NGOs amongst others.

Stakeholders recognized the applications of Nuclear and Radioactive Material in strategic Sectors of the Nigerian economy and the importance of the NNRA in regulating the materials to ensure Safety of people, Security of the materials and critical national and public assets, ensuring environmental quality, wealth creation, job opportunities and enhancement of national Security.

 The Petroleum sector was identified the largest importer and User of nuclear technology in Nigeria. The technology was being used across the Oil and Gas value Chain for exploration to increase Reserve, maintenance and increasing Oil Wells Production, Refining and Petroleum infrastructure development & maintenance.

 Meeting also recognized NNRA’s importance in the effective implementation of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) and the 7-Big WINS of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources by ensuring safety and Security of investment, Oil and Gas Project development and maintenance and reduction of Oil and Gas projects timelines.

 Stakeholders advised the NNRA to improve on public information on its activities to engender more understanding on nuclear energy and cooperation with Stakeholders.

 Stakeholders reiterated that classifying the NNRA as Revenue generating Agency has the propensity of compromising Safety of Nigerians and National Security.

 The application of nuclear technology to Agriculture and other non oil sectors was identified as key in driving Nigeria’s diversification agenda from Oil and Gas.

 Meeting opined that deployment of nuclear power plants (NPP) in Nigeria as a veritable option for solving Nigeria’s electricity crisis for industrialization, Wealth and job creation and combat Climate Change.

 Stakeholders commended the NNRA for producing effective regulatory framework for nuclear and other radioactive material in Nigeria and for easing and enhancing business in the Oil and Gas industry. They regarded the NNRA as an Indispensable Partner in the Oil and Gas Industry by ensuring safe increases in national Oil reserves and optimizing Oil production via effective nuclear well logging.

Stakeholders have called for more funding for the NNRA to procure equipment, pay Staff and train them adequately. They also advised the NNRA to reduce its authorization cycle for Oil producing companies to enable business partners meet targets and project timelines 

The need for reduction of threats of Radiological terrorism, illicit trafficking of Nuclear and radioactive material, Insider threat and sustainability of Physical Security equipment was raised and acquisition and installation of additional Radiation Portal Monitors at Points of entry was recommended.

 Stakeholders have identified Insider threat as a major threat to the security of nuclear and other radioactive substances in Nigeria most especially in the Oil and Gas industry and the health sector. 

NNRA was encouraged to sustain Stakeholder engagement and sign memoranda of understanding (MOUs) on nuclear security with key law enforcement agencies.


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