Workshop on Nuclear Security Culture Best Practices Abuja, Nigeria, 3rd -6th June, 2014

The U.S Department of State Partnership for Nuclear Security (PNS) and the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA), in collaboration with U.S technical experts from Oak Ridge National Laboratory are conducting a four-day workshop on nuclear security culture best practices for the Nigerian nuclear technical community in Abuja, Nigeria. 
The workshop which has in attendance senior decision makers, scientists, technicians, and engineers from Nigerian nuclear technical organizations, staff of  Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority and the Nigerian Atomic Energy Commission, members the Nigerian nuclear academic community, and U.S technical experts from Oak Ridge National Laboratory will amongst other issues include: 
- Presentations on nuclear security culture, including its components and synergies between existing related safety culture programs, interactive session and small group exercises, and research reactor discussions.

- Human Reliability Program (HRP) overview, including small group sessions dedicated to unusual behavior and disgruntled employee observation, as well as a focused HRP working group meeting, including an overview of a roadmap process, development of forms and supplemental documentation and HRP positions.

- Discussions with academic institution leaders, with a focus on lessons learned in the creation and inclusion of nuclear security curriculum within graduate engineering and similar technical programs, and planning and preparation for future engagements with the academic communities in both Nigeria and the United States. 

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