The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) on 10th July, 2018 organized a one day Stakeholders Information Meeting on the Role of NNRA in Improving Economic Development and National Security. The meeting held in Abuja, Nigeria.

The meeting was organized for stakeholders within and outside the nuclear industry. They were, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Ministry of Petroleum Resources, National Assembly, House of Representative, Office of the National Security Adviser, Nigerian Armed Forces, Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, Nigerian Police Force, Department of State Services, National Intelligence Agency, Nigerian Ports Authority, Hospitals, Oil Producing Companies, Oil Servicing Companies, Civil Society Organizations and the Media.

The objective of the meeting was to provide stakeholders with information on the regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety, security and safeguard and its attendant implications for national development and security as well as pull together stakeholders feedback on how to improve the NNRA regulatory framework and performance. Also it was aimed at engendering cooperation, coordination, confidence and ownership in decision-making for sustainable growth and development.

Declaring the meeting open, the chairman of the occasion Prof. S.A Thomas, DG Sheda Science and Technology complex (SHESTCO) applauded the effort of the NNRA for organizing such a meeting. He said the role of the NNRA is very vital towards the economic development and national security of the country. He went further to say that with an organization like NNRA, people should be aware that nuclear and radioactive materials can be used peacefully without having to pose any serious danger to the people and the environment.

The DG/CEO NNRA Prof Lawrence A. Dim in his welcome address said the objective of the meeting was to discuss information on nuclear safety and security and issues bothering on the national nuclear security development. He then went on to outline the primary functions of the NNRA which are; radiation protection, safety and security of radioactive sources, safeguards of nuclear materials and the physical protection of nuclear installations. This he said is being achieved through a system of registration, licensing and inspection of practices involving ionizing radiation and enforcement of compliance with the Act.

He remarked that the nuclear and other radioactive materials are used in the key sectors of the Nigerian economy. These sectors are; Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Health, Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Education, Security Screening, Water Resources amongst others and NNRA is the only government agency which regulates these materials thereby playing a key role in improving national economy.

He therefore called on participants to avail themselves of the opportunity to contribute their quota in the important meeting.

Five technical presentations were made during the technical sessions by in-house and invited experts. The presentations covered; Nuclear Energy for Development in Nigeria, Role of NNRA in National Economic Development, insider threat in the nuclear industry: An emerging security concern, facilitating and promoting business in the petroleum industry and enhancing nuclear security through NNRA oversight.


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