Stakeholders’ Technical Meeting to Review the Draft Safety Regulations on Design and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants, September 2019.

The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority has organized a three-day Stakeholders’ Technical Meeting in Abuja from 24th - 26th September 2019 to Review the Draft Safety Regulations on Design and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP). In exercise of the powers conferred on the Authority by Section 47 of the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act, 19 of 1995 and all other powers enabling it, the NNRA developed the draft regulations on design and construction of Nuclear Power Plants in Nigeria.

These regulations are intended for use by organizations involved in design, manufacture, construction, modification, maintenance, operation and decommissioning for NPPs.  The regulations are applicable to land based stationary NPPs with water cooled reactors designed for electricity generation or for other heat production application. It may also be applied, with judgments, to other reactor types to determine the requirements to be considered in developing the design.

The meeting is aimed at reviewing the regulations that establish requirements for design and construction for the structures, systems and components of a Nuclear Power Plant, as well as for procedures and organizational processes important to safety that are to be met for safe operation and preventing events that could compromise safety, or for mitigating the consequences of such events.

The Acting Director General/CEO Dr. Yau Usman-Idris in his opening speech applauded all participants while reaffirming the NNRA’s commitment to the protection of lives and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation also confirming that highest standards are required in the operation of nuclear power plants in Nigeria. He urged the participants to work assiduously whilst reviewing the draft regulations. He further requested the participants to provide acceptable recommendations that will improve the document.

The General Manager Nuclear Safety, Physical Security and Safeguards thanked the Acting DG/CEO and all participants for attending the meeting assuring the Management of the NNRA that the deliberations will be fruitful.

The meeting had in attendance Management and Staff of the NNRA, representatives from the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Federal Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Science and Technology, The Centre for Energy Research and Technology (CERT), Centre for Nuclear Energy Studies (CNES), Centre for Energy Research and development (CERD), Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS), Nigerian Institute for Radiation Protection and Research (NIRPR) and Pyrich Group Limited (PGL), a business goals software development company.

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