Nigeria, through the NNRA has begun work in line with the IAEA mandate of protection of biota and the environment. As part of the resolutions from the IAEA 2018 Model and Data for Radiological Impact Assessments (MODARIA II), Nigeria was provided with a database template for populating radiological data from the tropics thereafter reverted to the IAEA.

To that effect, NNRA has on 15th May, 2019 called on some reputable researchers with published works on radiological data from Nigerian Universities to a one day technical meeting for development, testing and harmonization of Models, Codes and Data from different parts of the country for Radiological Environmental Impact Assessment (MODARIA II).

The Acting DG/CEO NNRA Dr. Yau Usman Idris in his address stated that the NNRA’s approach to environmental protection and safety is to carry out radiological measurements and establish baseline data across Nigeria. He said, this is aimed at identifying changes in the radiation levels upon introduction of any source, from which radiological impact on health and environment can be estimated.

Speaking further, the Acting General Manager Dept. of Radiological Safety NNRA, Prof. T.C Akpa said the impact assessment program is to look into the template provided by IAEA and to ensure a good representation by providing accurate radiological data. He anticipated that at the end of the meeting, expertise will be raised such that Nigeria will be named in the IAEA group of records.

In a goodwill message, Prof. G. O Avwiri from the Dept. of Physics, University of Port Harcourt cheered the efforts of the NNRA towards the organization of such meeting. He assured the NNRA of their capabilities to drive this research towards ensuring a safe and serene environment.

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