The 2nd Edition of the National Technical Meeting on Personal Dosimetry for Dosimetry Service Providers (DSPs) and Radiation Safety Advisers (RSAs) took place on the 7th Nov, 2017 at the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority’s (NNRA) Headquarter, Abuja.

One of the core responsibilities of the NNRA is to ensure the adequate protection of radiation workers, general public and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. This mandate is unattainable without an optimal compliance to the stipulated exposure limit for workers as contained in the Nigerian Basic Ionizing Radiation Regulation (NiBIRR) 2003.

 To achieve this, the NNRA requires the services of the Dosimetry Service Providers who provides the records indicating the level of radiation exposure of workers in the industry. The Radiation Safety Advisers give professional advice in the development and implementation of radiation safety programmes across facilities.  They invariably constitute the core radiation safety stakeholders in the nuclear industry.

NNRA organized a National Technical Meeting, the second in the series, to provide a platform where constructive discourse on longstanding and overarching issues, pertaining to effective radiation protection and safety for radiation workers, public and the environment was discussed. The meeting also gave the stakeholders an opportunity to brainstorm, evaluate and proffer rational and sustainable solutions to radiation protection issues. Considering the critical role played by the DSPs and the RSAs, which makes them a core constituent of the radiation safety stakeholders in the nuclear sector, it is imperative that there must be synergy between them and the NNRA

The DG/CEO of NNRA Prof. Lawrence Dim, represented by Prof. Timothy Akpa, General Manager, Radiological Safety, in his speech, applauded the positive results gathered from the maiden edition of the national technical meeting in 2008 as there have been significant increase in the number of both DSPs and RSAs accredited to operate in Nigeria. He further stated that while it was important to commend the positive strides achieved thus far, it was even more imperative to recognize that we were not yet where we wanted to be. As such, the essence of convening this second edition of national technical meeting cannot be overemphasised.

The General Manager, Radiological Safety further unveiled a recent project the NNRA embarked on which was, establishing a National Dose registry (NDR), that will serve as a repository where dose records of radiation workers will be archived for ease of retrieval when needed.

There were several presentations made by NNRA and a Breakout session where discussions amongst the participants were encouraged especially as it concerns related documents and the two new Guides introduced by the Authority.

Participants at the end of the meeting expressed delight with the Authority for organizing this meeting which they said would boost the existing relationship and encourage a safe radiological working conditions and environment in Nigeria.

NNRA through its various presentations and speakers assured the entire public and radiation workers of her commitment to ensure that safety standards are upheld by all operators and that effective monitoring of all radiation exposed sectors is carried out by the Authority

 In attendance at the meeting were  Operators and Radiation Safety Advisers from Zalboards Nigeria Limited, Cedar Crest hospital, Abuja, Schlumberger of Nigeria limited, Saipem Contracting Nigeria, Dangote Cement plc, Lasurmps, A Different Approach Limited, Radiation Safety Technologies, Ugwema Integrated Service Limited, Cooperate Radiation Safety Advisers, Benue State University, Sterling Energy Limited, Department of Physics, U. I, Ibadan, CERD, OAU, Nzotta Ventures Limited, Nuclear Safety Commission, Feuka Logistics, Zal Boards Nigeria Limited.

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