The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) Tuesday revealed that it is considering the possibility of producing electricity from radiation.

It’s Director General, Prof. Lawrence Dim made this known in the second technical meeting on Personal Dosimetry for Dosimetry Service Providers and Radiation Safety Advisers in Abuja.

Represented by the General Manager, Radiological Safety, Prof. Timothy Akpa, he said that many countries are already utilizing radioactive materials for heating purposes.

He added that as safety measures and consciousness in the industry improves, the world, including Nigeria, will use vehicles that are fueled by radioactivity.

The NNRA boss said that: “We are now starting to see how we can begin to use radiation in producing electricity. In many countries many radioactive materials are being used for heating purposes.

“Like I often say in the meeting, it may likely be that in the future as safety consciousness grow all over the world we will soon begin to use vehicles running on fuel of radioactivity and Nigeria cannot afford to be behind.”

He disclosed that the meeting was convened to address issues bordering on efficient and effective radiation worker, public and environmental monitoring of the duties of the Personal Dosimetry Service Providers (DSPs) and Radiation Safety Advisers (RSAs).

According to him, the dearth in the amount of DSPs and RSAs to cover the entire country birthed the maiden edition of the National Technical Meeting in 2008 and has yielded positive results as there has been a significant increase in the number of both DSPs and RSAs accredited by the NNRA to operate in Nigeria.

Dim noted that the number of DSPs and RSAs accredited by the authority currently stands at five and 17 respectively.

He explained that “Dosimetry is the measurement of dose. What do we mean by dose: the energy the body takes when you radiate the body. You measure it and make sure that the amount of energy that enters the body is not so much as to cause biological damage to the body.”

Asked to explain the essence of the meeting, Dim said that: “It is a requirement by IAEA that every country should have a system of dosimetry which they will use as a benchmark to know how much radiation that the people are getting. And that the people are not over exposed in the course of either medical examination in the course or in the work in the industry ionizing radiation.”

Meanwhile, a safety consultant, Dr. Modupe Oresegun, said that the idea of having the meeting was to bring the operators to have a feedback to the regulatory authority.

She noted that the essence was that the operator would take advantage of the meeting to table their areas of success and challenges.

She said that most of the clients in the industry are always keen about consultants when they are applying for licenses and disappear after securing the license.

Oresegun urged the NNRA to compel the clients (operators of nuclear activities) to cooperate with the nuclear safety consultants.

Culled from http://thenationonlineng.net/nnra-mulls-generation-electricity-radiation/


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