The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) in collaboration with the Civil Society Groups for Good Governance (CSGGG) has concluded a One day Advocacy/ Roundtable sensitization programme in Abuja. Speaking to the theme of event, “Efficiently Harnessing Nuclear Energy potential for Rapid Industrialization and Economic Development in Nigeria’’. The President General of the group, Comrade Dominic Ogaku said the theme was carefully chosen in line with economic policies and programmes of the current administration and to also use the platform to demonstrate to the public relevant contributions of the NNRA to the growth of the country.

Ogaku said the NNRA mandate and responsibilities has great potentials to take the Nation’s economy to laudable heights if adequately harnessed with Government support and assistance.

He thanked the DG/CEO of NNRA, Professor L. A. Dim for accepting the groups’ proposal to collaborate with the NNRA on advocacy and further sensitize the public on the activities, mandates and programme of the NNRA.

He said the CSGGG is an umbrella body of over One Hundred and Fifty civil society organizations spread across Nigeria and part of the programme’s objectives would be to ensure that NNRA’s activities and programmes is taken to the grassroots through advocacy and public enlightenment.

The Director General of the NNRA, Prof. L. A. Dim in his paper presentation, “Nuclear Applications and Regulatory Framework for Safety in Nigeria’’ showcased the mandate, responsibilities and achievements of the NNRA which is primarily “to protect the public from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation”.

He further told the gathering that nuclear science is applicable in all areas of human endeavour and facet ranging from Agriculture, Health sector, to generating electricity and power. He added that nuclear science is also used in Oil and Gas explorations and exploitation and with huge potentials could be money spinning hence change the Nation’s economy.

He said the NNRA as a regulatory body issues licences to users of materials emitting ionizing radiation and carry out periodic inspections to facilities where these materials are deplored and ensure safe usage and handling.  

The DG/CEO spoke about the keen interest the International community has on the activities and advocacies carried out between the NNRA, civil society groups and the public at large and as such adjudged the NNRA to have “Good practices”.

In conclusion, he also said he hoped for more collaboration to increase advocacy in terms of NNRA’s mandate, authorizations and enforcements, safety, security and safe guards not forgetting the concept and importance of nuclear science.

Also in attendance were some key management staff of the NNRA; Prof. T.C Akpa (Director Radiological Safety), Dr. Yau Idris (Director Authorization & Enforcement), Dr. Isa Sambo (Director Nuclear Security).

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