A five-day National Workshop on Threat and Risk Assessment has been organized by the United State Department of Energy (US-DOE), Office of the Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence (NSDD) in collaboration with the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) at the NNRA Headquarter in Abuja.

The workshop had three NSDD experts in persons of Mr. Peter Rocco, Ms. Stacy Mui and Mr. Butch Colvin, stakeholders from Nigerian Security Agencies and the NNRA in attendance.

The Acting DG/CEO NNRA Dr. Yau Idris in a welcome address at the opening ceremony submitted that ‘’it is common knowledge that there exist the potential to use nuclear and other radioactive materials out of regulatory control in criminal or intentional unauthorized act and stressed the necessity for systems and measures be put in place to ensure that such materials are brought under regulatory control”.

He said, Nigeria in a bid to ensure these systems and measures are put in place commenced the development of the National Security Detection Architecture (NSDA) in 2017 which has been approved by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA). He applauded the auspicious timing of the workshop since the development of National Detection Strategy is captured in the NSDA road map.  

He thanked the USDOE for the continued support and assistance in the area of capacity development and provision of nuclear security detection equipments, notably the two mobile detection vehicles recently donated to the Nigeria Police Force by the NSDD. He solicited the collective efforts of the stakeholders towards achieving the goal of this workshop and urged everyone to bring their experience to fore as the expertise of each stakeholder is valuable.

Mr. Peter Rocco who led the NSDD team in his remark, said the NSDD works with its partners internationally in a collaborative way to obstruct the smuggling of nuclear materials and prevent terrorists from obtaining materials that could be used to make improvised nuclear device. He then highlighted objective of the workshop which was to further strengthen its partnership with Nigeria in providing sustainable technical support as regards the security of nuclear materials. He submitted that “the NSDD is here to learn more on Nigeria’s current policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities in the area of nuclear detection and countering smuggling and to introduce few tools that will be useful to help Nigeria effectively build its detection architecture.

The NSDD team reaffirmed its commitment towards assisting Nigeria in combating nuclear terrorism.

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