The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority has initiated a training program for Regulatory Officers of Radiotherapy Facilities. The training which is titled National Training Course for Regulators on Authorizations and Inspection of Radiotherapy Facilities will be holding from 2-6 September 2019 in the NNRA Headquarters.

In a collaborative effort, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) sent two Medical Exposure Experts, Vera Uushona and Mulape Kanduza. They are Medical Physicists with significant experiences in Medical Diagnostics Radiation Exposures and trained Regulatory Control Officers. Participants of the training course are NNRA Regulatory Officers from all the Geo-political zones of Nigeria.

During his opening remark, the NNRA Acting DG/CEO, Dr. Yau Usman Idris encouraged the participants to learn current trends and technologies from the IAEA Experts. He opined that proper licensing and regulation of the nuclear medicine field will ensure a healthier and safer Nigeria. He stated that the Experts from IAEA are fully trained and therefore capable to impact necessary knowledge. Dr. Yau hoped that the training course will go a long way in updating our expertise and practice in radiotherapy licensing, practice and regulations.

In response to the Acting DG/CEO’s address, Vera Uushona thanked the NNRA for hosting the training program and expressed their desire to work with participants to maximize knowledge sharing. Mulape Kanduza stated that the whole aim of the training is to make nuclear diagnostics safer and Africans, healthier. 

In conclusion, the IAEA as the umbrella body that champions atoms for peace is focused on the systematic application of particular principles to utilize the benefits from medical uses of ionizing radiation and minimizing the risk of radiation effects to people and environment.

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