IAEA Coordinated Research Project on Advancing Radiation Detection Equipment out of Regulatory Control, September 2019.

The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority in Collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has held a one day meeting with the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) personnel at the NNRA Headquarters, Abuja on the 23rd September, 2019. The meeting is aimed at discussing the research project including research capabilities, needs, opportunities, potential challenges and milestones. The discussion during the meeting also covers other CRPs that will benefit Nigeria as well as the improvement in radiation detection systems.

The Acting Director General/CEO Dr. Yau Usman-Idris, welcomed the IAEA expert; Issariya Chairam and personnel from the Nigeria Custom Service (NSC) noting that capacity building for personnel was of the highest importance to the Nigerian government.

The IAEA expert from the Nuclear Safety Division, Issariya Chairam said the project is aimed at helping member States with support for applied research projects where ideas will be exchanged, making for a better system and ensuring its sustainability as the ultimate goal.

The representative of the Nigerian Custom Service, Assistant Comptroller of Customs; Paul Ekpenyong thanked the NNRA and the IAEA for choosing to  focus on the NCS as no one is isolated when detecting Nuclear and other radioactive materials.

General Manager, Nuclear Safety, Physical Protection and Safeguards; Dr. Nasiru Bello said the project came at the right time and hoped that at the end of the meeting, there would be more projects to be identified. He also thanked the NCS for their effective and prompt response to the NNRA and IAEA always.

The meeting was attended by some management team of the NNRA, personnel of the NCS and Staff of the NNRA.

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