Nuclear Policy Statement

Draft National Energy Master Plan 2014 (ECN)



  • The nation shall promote the development of nuclear energy, and undertake all activities related to peaceful uses of nuclear energy in its entire ramification.
  • The nation shall pay adequate attention to safety, security and safeguard issues in the pursuit and operation of its nuclear programmes.
  • The nation shall strengthen all institutional and legal/legislative frameworks, and ensure their operations.
  • The nation shall encourage and fund the development if the requisite manpower, and provide the enabling environment for the acquisition of competencies and skills needed for the design, construction and operation of the nation's nuclear facilities.
  • The nation shall support research and infrastructural development necessary to enable rapid domestication, and encourage intellectual property right.
  • The nation shall cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency and other international organizations involved in the peaceful use of nuclear energy.
  • The nation shall ensure that storage and disposal of nuclear waste is done in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.


  • To promote nuclear energy, as an important electricity component in the nation's energy mix.
  • To promote the development and application of nuclear science and technology in industry, agriculture, medicine and water resources management, as well as socio-economic aspects.
  • To pursue the exploration of nuclear mineral resources in the country.
  • To develop national capability in the deployment of nuclear energy to all areas of socio-economic development of Nigeria and ensure that spin-off benefits are derived within the shortest possible time.
  • To design and implement the strategy for the integration of nuclear energy into Nigeria's programme of accelerated development as contained in the approved nuclear power roadmap.
  • To institute the necessary nuclear safety, security and safeguard in the exploitation of nuclear energy.
  • To promote the development of appropriate framework necessary to ensure adequate environmental protection and minimize adverse environmental impacts associated with nuclear materials.
  • To promote the development of appropriate framework necessary to attain self-reliance in nuclear matters in the long term.
  • To ensure that adequate resources are made available for the provision of safe and sustainable management of spent fuel and radioactive waste.
  • To enhance commitment and speedy development of nuclear science and technology in the country.
  • To ensure that all nuclear facilities are operated in transparent manner and in line with international best practices.
  • To support all operational service delivery or for research to the extent that localization of all industry/service operations are achieved.

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