Nuclear Medicine


Administrative Requirements
  • Completion and submission of NNRA Authorization application form. The form and the guide for filling can be downloaded from the NNRA website
  • Provision of a certified copies of Memorandum and Article of Association, certificate of incorporation from Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and particulars of your first Directors (form C02 & C05).
  • Engage the services of NNRA accredited Radiation Safety Adviser (RSA) to assist you in attaining the requirements.
  • Contractual agreement with the NNRA accredited Dosimetry Service Provider (DSP) for personnel monitoring;
  • Payment of applicable authorization fees in accordance with Section 47 (1c) of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act 19 of 1995.
  • The requirements above are compulsory for Premises Registration Certificate, Licence to import radiopharmaceuticals and Licence to use radionuclides for Nuclear Medicine.
Evidence of having all necessary personnel indicated below
  • Nuclear Medicine Physician
  • Radio chemist or Radio pharmacist
  • Medical Physicist
  • Trained Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
  • Technologist
  • Other auxiliary staff (e.g. Oncology Nurses, etc.)and
  • Copies of CVs, academic and professional qualifications and letter of designation
  • Equipment Specifications: Name of equipment, serial and model numbers, name of manufacturer, year of manufacture, country of manufacture, etc.
  • Standards to which the SPECT/CT or PET/CT scanner comply.
  • Calibration Radioactive (sealed) Sources: Type of radionuclide, manufacturer, Activity, and serial number.
  • Radio chemist or Radio pharmacist
  • Source serial number
  • Evidence of having adequate and function radiation survey meters with valid calibration certificates
  • Evidence of having equipment and all instruments necessary for the installation and conduction of acceptance tests
  • Evidence of having operation manual with details of overall safety systems including design features, Defense in depth and prevention of unauthorized access to equipment when activated
  • Evidence of Quality control Test conducted on all ionizing radiation generating equipment
  • Name, Addresses and locations of facilities in Nigeria
  • Provision of a detailed diagram of the layout of the
    1. SPECT/CT or PET/CT scanner Imaging room
    2. Patient uptake room/ward
    3. Dedicated patient toilets
    4. Radioactive waste storage facility
    5. Radionuclide (sealed and unsealed) storage facility.
  • Submission of shielding assessment of the facility and demarcation of the control and supervised areas.
Radiation Protection Programme
  • Adequate programs for radiation protection, safety and security equipment
  • Evidence of engagement an NNRA accredited Dosimetry Service Provider (DSP) who shall be responsible for monitoring staff that will be involved in operations of the x-ray machines
  • Emergency contact numbers including that of NNRA contact numbers to be included emergency programme
  • Description of policies for assigning monitoring badges to workers, review of individual doses including reference levels and actions to be taken when values are exceeded
  • Establishment of local rules in written form
  • As prescribed in the authorization fee schedule.

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