Emergency Preparedness



What is an accident?

BSS, Glossary, p.295, 1996]:

“Any unintended event including operating errors, equipment failures or other mishaps, the consequences or potential consequences of which are not negligible from the point of view of protection and safety.”

Where can radiation accidents occur?
 During operations at facilities where these radioactive sources are used, examined or stored;
 Unauthorized access due to inadequate or absence of security;
 Transportation

Consequences of Radiological accidents
 Health consequences e.g Death, loss of limbs, burns, 
increased risk of stochastic effects (cancers)
 Environmental contamination
 Social & Economic consequences


Factors Contributing to Accidents
(a) Failure to follow radiation Protection Procedure

(b) Inadequate Radiation Protection Program

(c) Equipment failure

(d) Equipment failure

(e) Failure to use a survey meter or failure to use it properly

Examples of potential accidents
 melting of the gauge and source
 accidental loss of source during well logging
 lost or stolen source
 physical damage to the gauge
 jammed shutter
 transport accident
 suspected exposure of persons
 leaking source
 Source Jam


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