Dr. Samuel Oyeyemi

Dr. Samuel Oyeyemi

Acting General Manager, National Institute of Radiation and Research (NIRPR), Ibadan

Dr Oyeyemi, Samuel  M. is a Nuclear Physicist that has developed competency in teaching and training in  radiation protection over the past twenty five years. Fifteen of these years were in teaching and research in the field of radiation protection with publications in reputable local and international journals, rising to the level of a principal lecturer with Kaduna polytechnic. He is an experienced nuclear scientist, regulator and radiation protection expert with specialization in Environmental monitoring and Radioactive Waste Management Safety. He joined the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority in 2010 as a Chief Regulatory Officer (Public exposure safety, environmental safety and radioactive waste management.). He has a Ph.D.  in Nuclear and Radiation Physics (2016) from Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna. MSc. Radiation Biophysics from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (2006) and BSc Physics from University of Jos (1992).He was among the team that initiated the review of national policy and strategy for radioactive waste management and also champion the review of Nigerian Radioactive waste management regulation (2006) based on the reviewed National policy and strategy and the reviewed NNRA Act, which has resulted in regulatory control of NORM and radioactive waste management in Nigeria. Other area of his research work includes Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) monitoring, establishment of action level for indoor Radon accumulation in Nigeria and environmental survey.

He served as the pioneering NNRA North Central Zonal Office Coordinator Makurdi, thereby establishing the regulatory regime within the zone from 2014 to 2018. Several facilities were authorised having carried out regulatory enforcement within the zone, which resulted in operator’s compliance with minimum regulatory requirements for Authorisation. He became the acting General Manager of National institute of Radiation protection and research, University of Ibadan in April 2018.

Dr Oyeyemi had several IAEA trainings in Radiation safely, Environmental safety and Monitoring, Public Exposure and   Radioactive Waste Management within Africa and several European Countries.

Dr Oyeyemi is the coordinator of IAEA Technical Cooperation Project, Thematic safety Area 4 (TSA4) on Regulatory Framework for the Control of Public exposure Non-associated with Radioactive Waste Management or Decommissioning Activities;

He is Member of Africa Network for education in Nuclear Science and Technology. (Nigeria Network) AFRA-NEST.

Dr Oyeyemi has presented several seminars/conference paper at National and International events and authored/co-authored several scientific publications/technical report in peer reviewed international scientific journals. He has attended several IAEA organised trainings, conferences and workshops in areas of nuclear safety, nuclear security radiation protection and nuclear power technology

He is a Member of Nigerian Institution of Physics (MNIP), Material Society of Nigerians (MMSN)and Environmental Society of Nigeria(MESM)

Award received includes Kaduna Polytechnic Meritorious service award as lecturer to introduce Radiation Physics research topics in College of Science and Technology.